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Brussels Museum Night

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With this update, I give you some important info for tonight:

The combi-tickets for the museum and after-party were sold out quickly, many people will come to the event, it will be also very crowded at some hotspots.

Meeting points are

* vis-a-vis the the MIM (Music Instrument Museum)

at 19:00 and 21:00

* at the BAR of Royal Museum of the Armed Forces

at 23:00

Great if you already have your ticket and/or exchanged your voucher for the wristband (you can do the exchange at various locations).

If we are really around 20 Happy Shuttercounts, we will split into tow groups, if we are less, we may stay together.

If you have to change your plans, update your RSVP, please.

In the area where we meet are some interesting museum.

• Music Instrument Museum

• BELvue

• Coudenberg


• Brussels Info Point (BIP)

Last time it was super-crowded at BOZAR with long waiting-times. I suggest to leave this for another day and see the MIM, the labyrinth at Coudenberg, the expo at BELvue and the event at BIP

If we split into separate groups, I suggest one group goes to the MIM (takes a while to see everything) and the other to labyrinth at Coudenberg, the expo at BELvue and the event at BIP.

If you get lost, we will find you at the meeting point at 21:00 ;-)

At 23:00 we meet in the spacious hangar at the Bar inside the Royal Museum of the Armed Forces (have a drink watching the dancers while waiting).

To get there, take the green shuttle Bus Pl. Royale - Cinquantenaire

There we will decide what to do next, Autoworld, the Circus Events and another lounge-bar are just across.

Please use the discussion or send me an message if you have questions.


Set your camera to high ISO and come to

Museum night in Brussels.

We will meet in front of the Music Instrument Museum,

ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE STREET - not to be in the middle of the crowd.

It is not sure, if we can stay together as group throughout the evening but we can try ;)

We did this before - after the music instruments we've seen a nice fashion show in the Brussels info point and went to see some performances at Autoworld later.

Stay tuned for an update for the 2015 event!