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Practising portrait: speed-shooting®

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Sunday will be Funday ;-)

The groups are created! It's a balanced mix of the skills from the questionnaire - but don't worry, everybody is learning ;-) ;-)
We will have nine groups and rotating through the different roles, Photographer, Model, Assistant.
We meet at 14:00 and start with the shooting at 14:30. Before we have plenty of time to discuss any points that may arise ;-) and afterwards we may have a nice refreshment somewhere at Merode.

Remember your group and role!

You will receive a map of the exact meeting location by e-mail!

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The timing:

(yes, yes, there is a mistake in the "Groups of four .. there will be no E ....) thank you Jo ;-)

(I will bring a updated one ...)

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The new way to overcome limitations we noticed when we did the last portrait session. One 'model' and more than 10 photographers at the same time will not work well. Speed-Shooting® is the answer. With Speed-Shooting® we can have up to 20 individuals improving their portrait taking skills.

Simple, effective and a lot of fun: outdoor speed-shooting


We will do an intensive portrait shooting. After this Meetup you will be the portrait specialist at friends- and family-events ;) and you also will know how to direct light-assistants and 'models' ;)


After some general basics and discussions about portrait styles we will form groups of three. The photographer, the portrait-model and the light-assistant. Each group will have some basic light forming equipment available.
Each photographer has 15 minutes time to work with the model, shooting portraits but also instructing model and light-assistant.

After the 15 minutes and a five minutes break the roles will change. Photographer will become model, the model light-assistant.

After three rounds each of us Happy Shuttercounts will have been photographer, model and light-assistant.


Brussels / outdoor - but we may adopt the location depending on the freshness of the summer ;)

Do's and Don'ts for the Speed-Shooting (TM) Meetup
The Photographer:
Take wonderful pictures and give electronic copies to the model. Respect the personality rights. You must ask the model for permission if you want to publish pictures.
The Model:
You may use the pictures on which you are depicted at your discretion but ask the photographer wether or not the photographers name shall be mentioned.

In more detail:
By participation you agree to the following principles:
The goal of the Speed-Shooting Meetup is to improve the photography related skills. During the Speed-Shooting Meetup each participant will take the role of a model (M), photographer (P) or light-assistant (L), respectively. The following rules refers to the role(s) taken by the individual during the meetup-event. The participant acknowledges that pictures taken during the meetup shall be royalty-free and will be made available in electronic form to a) the person depicted (M,L) and b) to a password protected area of a photo sharing site to which only participants of the Speed-Shooting Meetup-event concerned have access. Any publication of a portrait photograph requires consent between P and the person depicted.