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Thinking in Black and White - a monochromatic workshop

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Modern day cameras can produce stunning color, but black and white images still dominate the fine-art approach to photography.

Producing a strong and successful black and white image entails far more than just converting a color image to monochrome: the best monochromatic images are carefully crafted before the shutter is pressed. The creation of a strong monochromatic image involves a different way of seeing and looking.

In black and white photography other elements assume greater importance:






All need to be given more consideration when constructing a black and white image.

Join Ian as he guides you through ways of seeing in black and white that will have you creating stronger black and white images.

This is an intensive workshop with a number of challenging exercises and assignments that are suitable for all levels of photographer.

You will definitely need to bring:

A notebook and a pen

A digital SLR

A tripod and cable/remote shutter release would be useful though not essential.

Because of the intensity of this workshop it is limited to just six attendees. The class will run from 10am until 3pm with a break for lunch and will cost $55