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The Four Key Elements in one day!

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Ian Murray Photography

201 Oak Street · Pembroke, MA

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Enter through the EMT training Center door and head for the second floor.

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The Four Key Elements





There are four key elements or stages to any great photograph:

First you must see the potential shot, then look for or provide the appropriate lighting, finalize the composition and then set the camera to achieve the result.

Setting the camera first and trying to make the subject fit the setting results in poor images with only the occasional success through sheer chance.

Learn how to craft the image that fits your original vision by attending one or more of these four key classes on the very foundations of photography. You will learn how to:

Develop your eye Improve your way of seeing Master your use of light Effectively use metering modes Compose strong and effective images Set your camera to achieve the desired result. Originally run as a series fo four evening classes -these well received workshops have been condensed into a single one day class. The cost of taking all four individual workshops was $160 but the one day version is a bargain at just $55 and will cover everything that the four individual workshops contained. That's a huge saving of $105.

The workshop will run from 10am until 4pm with a short break for lunch.

The condensed version will have less hands-on than the four individula classes and Participants will be provided with a sereies of take-aaway exercises to replace some of the hand's-on elements of the original workshop series, thereby allowing the major content to be covered in the shorter time-scale.

Participants on the last four key elements said:

Very clear instruction; well thought out flow to all the information covered. Quite a FANTASTIC value and I would highly recommend this workshop. Corinne

Great session. Ian really breaks thing down into simple easy to understand terms. You will leave with plenty of information and exercises to help you improve your photography. Peter

"This was a very thorough and informative workshop experience. It was very helpful. Ian is a wonderful teacher and loves to share his knowledge and passion for photography. He is committed to helping each and every one in his class or workshop and will slow down the pace and give you individual attention when needed. I can't say enough about the whole experience! " Al Merril

"Ian gave us an illuminating, solid, comprehensive study of how light affects the photographic image. Its color changes throughout the day and subsequent camera settings; its direction and how that affects our vision of what we want to say; its intensity measured with varying in and off camera meters; its ultimate flexibility using flash and studio strobes. Ian gives us the knowledge that allows us to have the feeling of freedom to choose what we want to say in a photograph and not to leave the choice to chance by the camera. Absolutely can’t wait for next week’s installment ~ COMPOSITION ! Will have to be content with pouring over the books he recommended that I borrowed from the library"

Cynthia Brown.