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Mayer Elementary School
Every year Mayer Elementary School gives us a list of up to 50 children. The list should be out by early October. Members of PMRG buy Christmas gifts for the children on the list and give them in person on December 8, at the school. We all meet for breakfast at Roadrunner and go as a group to Mayer School. There are always members driving, that can carry gifts that cannot be carried on a bike. 1.Elyssa Harvey (age 13), Perfume-blush, black converse size 7 womans, hair tie block, skinny jeans (demi pants) (size 6). 2. Kaydence Wilson (6 Kindergarten), tablet, skinny jeans 10/12, slippers 2-1/2, Barbie (jojo), pajamas. 3.Robert Wilson (7, 2nd grade), size 8/10, winter jacket, shoes (2 1/2), socks, winter boots, xbox, football or basketball, 8" tablet, GI Joe toys 4.Joe Carson (6, 1st grade), army legos, gray army backpack, board games, hot wheels, clothes boy's 10 5. Jacob Smith(6, 1st grade), games for Nintendo 2DSXL, games for Nintendo W11, R?C Rock Crawler, R/C Drone, anything Marvel 6.Lilath Smith (8, 3rd grade), Games for Nintendo 3DSXL, Barbie dream castle, Hatchimol, My little pony dream pony 7.Lovee Smith (4 years), Barbie Dream House, Fingerling Hugs, Pomsies Interactive Pet, My little Pony, Barbie 8.Dean Perry (6, 1st grade), Transformer toys, Nerf Gun,Legos building kit, Magic track race kit, Walkie talkie 9.Devin Perry (11, 4th grade), TMN turtle toys, Clothes (size 14-16), shoes (size 6), R/C car, Nerf gun with darts, board games (Monopoly, Sorry) 10.Denessa Perry (12, 6th grade), Jewelry (earrings, necklace), clothes (14/16), singing microphone, nail polish kit, lava lamp 11. Danielle McCann (12, 7th grade), TMNT outfit, Monster High doll, 3 outfits, drone, softball gear, purple or black untamed, June birthstone jewelry 12.Taylor McCann (10, 5th grade), American Girl doll, Cheerleader outfit (49ers), 49ers jersey, makeup, hiking gear, July birthstone jewelry 13. Titus Perry (4 years), TMNT toys, TMNT DVD, Monster truck, Paw Patrol DVD player, Jacket (5T) 14.Isabella Perry (3 years old), Barbies, doll playhouse, shoes (size 4), Minnie Mouse toys, play cooking set, tea set. 15. Luke Perry (age 2 years), hot wheels, action figures (batman, etc.), mega lego blocks, tool kit, tool box, t-ball set, Jacket 3T Because of the way "meetup" is set up I will be posting the children in groups of 15 or so. In the comments section list the child you would like to sponsor by name and number.

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