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This is a place for motorcycle riders of all skills to gather and share rides and our lives. No rules, just a place to meet some new riders and make new friends. If you see a ride you like, show up. You don't have to be a member to ride with us, but once you ride you soon will be. This group is open to everyone, we all tossed our leg over the seat one day not really knowing how to do this, so we have rides that span the range from simple breakfast runs to all day and overnight excursions.

We sometimes have very large rides because of the number of members. We don't limit the number of riders on a ride -- we have been doing this longer than most groups and know how to create events that everyone can attend. We don't force people to ride in separate groups, but they are welcome to if they want to. And if you are nervous, talk to one of the organizers and I'm sure they can find ways to help you feel at ease. Whether you are in a group of 10 or 100, all a rider needs to pay attention to are the few bikes in front and behind them. That's really not that hard, you probably already do it!

We also don't have any restrictions on how often you have to ride. Whether you ride once a year or once a month, we just want to help you get out an ride. We won't judge you if you have more to do in life than ride. And if there isn't any ride you like, ask for one!

Bikers participating in this group should take a moment and read the About Us ( http://www.meetup.com/PhxMRG/about ) page. We won't make you, remember that 'no rules' thing?? But if you don't, you might have some surprises later.

Curious?? Look at our photos ( http://www.meetup.com/PhxMRG/photos ) and calendar ( http://www.meetup.com/PhxMRG/calendar ...). Our group is like a family and proudly shares with everyone.

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Roosevelt Loop (KSU 9:30am) (2nd meetup location added 7th ave & 101)

2nd meetup location added for westside at Circle K 20222 N 7th Ave Phoenix, Arizona 7th ave & 101 meet at 8:15 am then KSU 8:30 am then ride to Chevron A short ride by the Roosevelt Dam meetup at 9:00 KSU 9:30 am. There are some smooth turns going up the route 87 but for the most part, it should be an easy ride for most levels of experience that have an engine that can keep up the speeds going uphill. We'll meet up at the Chevron on the Fort McDowell reservation at 9 am, temps should be a bit warmer by then, KSU up at 9:30 am. * Head north on 87 * Turn right onto 188, we'll make our first stop at the Tonto Basin Market place, it's fairly new with more pumps. * Continue on 188 over the bridge * Turn right on US 60 we.ll make another stop at the Arco in Claypool * Continue on US 60 to Superior where the ride ends at Los Hermanos Restaurant & Lounge for lunch. Good food, great burgers. after lunch we alwasy discuss routes back home and split up in groups accordinally, scoot map: https://goo.gl/vJbFFP

Time for a Date Shake. (KSU 9am)


THIS RIDE MOVED TO FEBRAURY DUE TO CONTRUCTION AT THE STORE KSU: 9:00 am. Just an easy ride to Dateland for one of their special "Date Shakes". Taking MC85 to Old 80 across the Old Steel Bridge and on to Gila Bend stopping at the Shell (Around 10:30 am). Continuing on lonely I-8 to exit 67 Dateland (Around 11:15 am). There, you can have a shake and something to eat. Coming back on lonely I-8 to Gila Bend (Stop at Shell) then 85 up to I-10 back to Phoenix. Total miles around 225. Back between 3:30 & 4 pm. Scoot map: https://goo.gl/DhsigK

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