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If you'd like to play pickleball casually, singles or doubles, then bring your happiest self out to hit some balls with other friendly pickleballers at one of our meetups. We hope to see you on the court.

Who will love this?
People who enjoy super easy, low stress pickleball...there is LOTS of running around. Yay! We try to play by the rules but camaraderie, exercise, and enjoyment are the primary pursuits. Adults 18 or over only please!

What skill levels may join?
All levels welcome! You're a good fit if you want to play for fun and exercise, and don't get picky, grumpy, or bossy about the game. If you haven't played before, the rules are simple and we'll show them to you. You should be moderately'll be moving a lot and quickly, and it would be great if you could fairly frequently connect with the ball, even if it doesn't go exactly where you'd like it to.

No worries!
We're just easy-going players who like the game. No one is going to get testy if you miss shots, hit out of bounds, accidentally fall into the “kitchen”, or have a playing style that looks more like you are being chased by the ball than vice versa. ;)

What should you bring?
Bring balls and paddles if you can, but there are usually a couple of extras available. If you want a good entry level paddle, here is a popular model ( that won't break the bank. Every player has their own preferences and lots of advice is available court-side and online. Our first paddles were under $30 each because we didn't want to care if they were dropped, borrowed, or not a good fit long-term.

Where do we play?
White Oak Park 1216 Jenks Carpenter Rd. Cary NC
The park we go to has three courts with free and open play. Courts are not reserved in any way by us or anyone else, so of course play whatever you like, but join our meetup if you love playing just for fun. :)

How do you get a turn?
When you arrive jump right in and start a game if there is a free court and an available opponent. Or add your name to the clipboard and you'll rotate in when someone opts out or loses. If you notice other non-meetup players arriving and there are no free courts, please exit your court after your game is over. We'll then just start taking turns each time a game ends by rotating in to whatever court is next available, and taking turns with other groups as you would any publicly shared space.

Singles Play Pickleball Rules:
USPA Pickleball rules summary can be found HERE (

Where are some other FREE places to play?

W.E. Hunt Recreation Center ( Holly Springs (4 courts! Usually a court or two open)
Carpenter Park ( Cary (2 courts, so quite busy but after lunch weekdays usually a court open)

Where else can you find people playing PICKLEBALL?
There are some really great groups for doubles play. Here are a few:
For Fun Tennis/Pickleball Meetup ( -
Carpenter Park Cary - lots of meetups posted
Pickleball Carolina ( -
White Oak Park Cary - Fri/Sat/Sun 9-12, weekdays 11ish
Town of Apex ( -
Community Center gym open play - Wed/Fri 10:30-1:30
Triangle Pickleball Meetup (
Raleigh Playing Pickleball Meetup (

Don't be shy, come on out. We look forward to meeting you!

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