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Topic: Discover The Secret Of Spiritual Balance

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Discover the Secret of Spiritual Balance

“How do you get in balance—and stay there? Always love God—no matter what happens in your outer life. Once you realize the spiritual lesson behind your imbalance, you will return naturally to the mainstream of the Holy Spirit, the Light and Sound of ECK.”
Harold Klemp, A Modern Prophet Answers Your Key Questions about Life, pp. 40-41


This monthly event is a worship service for people of all faiths and beliefs. Families and children are welcome! Music, guest speakers, panel discussions and refreshments make this a unique opportunity to meet spiritual seekers of all walks of life.

We'll be learning how to experience our daily, personal connection with Divine Spirit. Each of us is Soul, a unique spiritual being, gaining awareness through dreams, spiritual experiences, and spiritual exercises (similar to meditations). You'll find open hearted people of like mind and experience who share your desire to explore our spiritual realities.

This worship service is hosted by students of the Triad Eckankar community. The hour long program will be followed by refreshments. All are welcome!