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I'm Danielle, the Founder of Piin - the first micro-dating app that facilitates meeting people in the real world, in the places we love to hang out.

I created the app because I hate swiping apps. I don't always find it easy to approach someone cold in real life, nor do I like guessing whether or not someone wants to be approached or is open for friendly chat.

My ultimate goal is to being people together and get people off swiping apps and back to meeting in the real world.

I honestly believe that romance doesn't need to start with a spark. It can start from a genuine interest in someone or a simple friendship. I believe what's truly important is genuine human connections. No pressure. No expectations.

We all know how difficult it is to meet new people in London this group aims to set up relaxed meet up events where the purpose is simply to get to know new people.

You can check out Piin at http://www.piinapp.com

When there are enough people signed up I'll set up a couple of events for 25-40 year olds.

Be positive,


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