PBE January '15 Meetup


Meetup Session Agenda:

* First part of the night will be reserved for networking and to mingle, followed by general club updates and announcements.

* Second part will include the following presentation:

Since I ask all of you to speak at our PBE Meetings, I decided I should “practice what I preach” and offer to perform a presentation as well. I decided to choose the topic of Crowdfunding because I have been invited to speak on this topic at a couple of different venues over the past months and I thought this topic aligns very well with the interests of PBE members as well. So with that said, here is the presentation overview:

PBE Organizer, Chris Spence (https://www.linkedin.com/in/cospence), will be presenting on the topic of Crowdfunding, specifically from the perspective of:

a) What Crowdfunding is – and what it is not.

b) Where does Crowdfunding take place and how does it work.

c) Differences between the various major crowdfunding platforms.

d) Selecting the right platform for your startup funding or established business funding.

e) The other side of the table – crowdfunding investors. Who they are, how they work.

f) Macroeconomic impact of Crowdfunding on the startup and small business sectors.

Be sure to note: Our wonderful venue, WCU School of Business Building, has a facility security feature where the doors automatically lock at 5:00 PM. Since our Meetup does not take place until 6:00 PM, we will have someone open the doors manually until roughly 6:15 PM. After that time be sure to call the mobile number posted on the door and someone will come down and open the door for you.

Hope you can make it!

Please RSVP "yes" if you can attend as we rely heavily on RSVP count for event planning.