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    Hi, I'm Rose, I like to downhill and cross country. Enjoy meeting others who like the sport.
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    Hi. I'm Joe. Love the outdoors, the snow, nice people and great drinks. Grew up in snowy Michigan. Think that covers all the bases.
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    Turn left, Turn right, breath if necessary.
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    I am haleh and love skiing. Looking forward to some winter fun.
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    Hello! Skiing: More fun than we should legally be allowed to have.
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    Great group of people. I would not still be a member (since 1984) if they were anything else. Skiers don't get cabin fever. Any day you don't ride the sled is a good ski day especially if followed by a brew in the Hot Tub.
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    To ski - or not to ski...wait a minute - the only answer is TO SKI! OK - and maybe have a beer in the hot-tub afterwards.