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The Seattle Chapter of Pink Pistols currently meets once a month. Range meets generally rotate between Bellevue (West Coast Armory) and Tacoma (Bullseye). We are looking at expanding to a third range in the north end (most likely Arlington or Everett).

The goal of the Seattle Chapter is to implement the National Mission of Pink Pistols through introducing members of the LBGT community to firearms ownership, education about applicable laws including pending legislation, as well as continued meet up and training at our monthly range meets with current members.

The Pink Pistols get together at least once a month at local firing ranges to practice shooting, and to acquaint people new to firearms with them. We will help you select a firearm, acquire a permit, and receive proper training in its safe and legal use for self-defense. The more people know that members of our community may be armed, the less likely they will be to single us out for attack. Join us today. It is your RIGHT.

We are a shooting group that honors diversity and is open to all shooters. We help bring new shooters into the practice and provide a fun social environment for all our members. We work to build bridges between the shooting community and other communities, such as those based on alternative sexualities. We advocate the use of lawfully-owned, lawfully-concealed firearms for the self-defense of the sexual minority community.

We teach queers to shoot. Then we teach others that we have done so. Armed queers don’t get bashed. We change the public perception of the sexual minorities, such that those who have in the past perceived them as safe targets for violence and hateful acts — beatings, assaults, rapes, murders — will realize that that now, a segment of the sexual minority population is now armed and effective with those arms. Those arms are also concealed, so they do not know which ones are safe to attack, and which are not…which they can harm as they have in the past, and which may draw a weapon and fight back.

The Pink Pistols are the ones who have decided to no longer be safe targets. They have teeth. They will use them.

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Feburary Range Meet Tacoma (South)

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Febuary Range Meet - Seattle/Issaquah (Central)

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August Range Meet Tacoma (South)

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