End of The World Bike Ride


Location image of event venue


Since, according to the Mayans and other sources this date marks the end of the world as we know it, and there will be no tomorrow. I decided what better way to end it all than to have a night light bike ride. Although this is a doomsday ride it will be fun and EZ with no one left behind (after all were all going to die tomorrow anyway).

This is not a novice beginner's ride.

We will meet in Bent Creek at the Rice pinnacle parking lot at 5:45 PM. The ride will start at 6:00 PM.

Please make sure your bike is in good working order, no one wants to make repairs in the cold and dark and time is short. We will light up the night on this final day of forever.

Required Equipment;

Lights (A good bike light at 300+ Lumen is preferred). Make sure your battery is fully charged.

Helmets, Biking Gloves, Warm Clothes(temperatures will continue to drop during the ride so layer according)

The end of the world doesn't come every day, (only once or twice a year) so I hope you'll join us in this end of all rides. This apocalyptic ride will be followed with The Last Supper at Papas & Beer. There may be a special guest joining us for dinner and if he does show, OMG!!!!

Because this is the Omega event this ride will take place under all conditions (unless the weather is bad)

Hope you can make this last in a lifetime ride with me. If you can't make it I will see you on the other side of tomorrow.