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Hello and welcome to the Pistol Packing Ladies Shooting Club.

Pistol Packing Ladies is a ladies-only shooting club established by women for women to encourage and empower one another through safe pistol handling and firing. We encourage all women who want to learn to shoot, and those who want to hone their developed pistol skills, to join us for both on- and off-range events. We love what we do. We know you will too.

Learning to handle a pistol safely is paramount. Learning to shoot a pistol safely and with confidence is equally important. Pistol Packing Ladies offers lady pistol shooters a safe and fun environment to achieve their pistol shooting goals. PPL offers firearm handling and shooting classes (http://www.pistolpackingladies.com/for-the-ladies), as well as weekly events at The Range (http://indoorrange.com/) to challenge all levels of pistol shooters.

Pistol Packing Ladies meet every Thursday evening at The Range (http://indoorrange.com/), from 6:30 to 8 p.m. Each week is an opportunity for PPL shooters to hone their skills and learn to harness the power from within. It is also an opportunity to share time with other like-minded women.

One of the most enjoyable aspects of joining PPL is knowing that each shooter has the opportunity to meet other like-minded women who believe in the right to bear arms, to defend herself and her family, and to hone her pistol skills in a safe and fun environment. Relationships begin on the range as lady shooters share lanes, get to know each other, and share their skills with one another. Relationships continue both on and off The Range (http://www.indoorrange.com) and often blossom into great friendships.

For those new to shooting, or new to shooting at The Range, the PPL Getting Started (http://www.pistolpackingladies.com/getting-started) page is a great place to learn more about range pricing and options for what you may need at The Range.

PPL is open to ladies 17 years old and older. Minors must be accompanied by an adult.

Below are links to two introductory videos that new shooters may find helpful and an article regarding general rules for The Range:

Pistol Nomenclature (http://www.pistolpackingladies.com/single-post/2015/11/01/Semiautomatic-Pistol-Nomenclature)

How to Lock Your Slide Back (http://www.pistolpackingladies.com/single-post/2015/12/19/How-to-Lock-Your-Slide-Back)

Range Rules (http://www.pistolpackingladies.com/single-post/2015/11/09/Safety-Rules-For-Shooting-at-The-Range)

We look forward to seeing you at The Range soon!

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BEEWARE Target Night

Location visible to members

Hello ladies, BEEWARE Targets are great halo, or splatter, targets. When you shoot the target, there appears a 'halo' around the shot hole so you can see where you shot much easier. BEEWARE sent PPL some free targets a few months ago and we still have some left, so if you have your own, please bring them. If you don't, I'll have one to offer you at no cost. This is open to all levels of shooters that feel comfortable enough to shoot with little or no guidance. Stay safe. Shoot well. Your PPL Team www.pistolpackingladies.com

Pot Luck and Pistol Cleaning

Needs a location

Ladies, it's time to take a quick breather and clean our pistols, so consider joining us for the opportunity to clean your pistols with friends. Please remember to: 1) RSVP - the space is very limited. 2) UN-RSVP if your plans change. We expect a waiting list. 3) Bring your cleaning gear. 4) Bring a snack to share. Your choice. 5) Check your email the day prior and the day of for address updates. I will have paper products and water. If you prefer something different to drink, please bring it with you. Snack choices are entirely up to you. Please do consider bringing a limited amount to share as most left-overs will go home with the person who brought it. Looking forward to seeing you here! Teresa P.s. Address will be shared with attendees either the day prior or the day of, so be sure to look for an email from PPL/Meetup. Address is in North Stafford in the Colonial Forge subdivision off of Court House Road (exit 140) Instructors - please do not RSVP, just show up. We want to save the RSVP spots for PPL members. Thank you.

Couples Night at The Range

The Range

Hello ladies, It is Couple's Night! This is a great opportunity to bring your significant other and shoot as a couple… or not. Don't feel that you HAVE to bring you significant other either. You can participate as a couple or single. Please remind your significant other that we do like to take pictures. Tammie/host won't let you leave until you smile for the camera. :-) This is open to all levels of shooters who need little to no guidance. See you there! Teresa - Host /Organizer For the new shooters here is a link to the rules of The Range - it would be beneficial to read before your first visit: http://www.pistolpackingladies.com/#!Safety-Rules-For-Shooting-at-The-Range/cyoz/56413e370cf2e1ca2790b8f9 PPL Website: www.pistolpackingladies.com (http://www.pistolpackingladies.com/)

Speed Drills

The Range

Hello ladies, DEPENDING IF THE RANGE IS OPEN THIS MAY BE CANCELLED. If you have the time to attend, but you do not wish to participate in the speed drills, you don't have to. Join us and hone your skills in whichever manner you are most comfortable. --------------------------------- It's time to step it up a notch. We are going to practice speed drills today. How it works: 1) Loaded magazine and empty safe gun on table - pointed down range 2) Shooter has her back turned to the target 3) When ready the shooter turns to her target, loads her magazine into her gun (all of this happens as the gun is pointed DOWN range) and she fires five rounds as accurately as she can at center mass. We'll do this for a few rounds, see how each other is doing, then we'll continue to do more. Your rounds will go fast, so if you are able, consider bringing more ammo than usual. Adding an element of speed, even a small one, really brings us back to the FIVE fundamentals. This event is open to all shooting levels who need little to no guidance. Whether you're ready to try this or not, we encourage you to attend. As always, we want each shooter to shoot to her own ability with encouraging her to continue to hone her skills. Your PPL Team www.pistolpackingladies.com

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