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Hello and welcome to the Pistol Packing Ladies Shooting Club.

Pistol Packing Ladies is a ladies-only shooting club established by women for women to encourage and empower one another through safe pistol handling and firing. We encourage all women who want to learn to shoot, and those who want to hone their developed pistol skills, to join us for both on- and off-range events. We love what we do. We know you will too.

Learning to handle a pistol safely is paramount. Learning to shoot a pistol safely and with confidence is equally important. Pistol Packing Ladies offers lady pistol shooters a safe and fun environment to achieve their pistol shooting goals. PPL offers firearm handling and shooting classes (http://www.pistolpackingladies.com/for-the-ladies), as well as weekly events at The Range (http://indoorrange.com/) to challenge all levels of pistol shooters.

Pistol Packing Ladies meet every Thursday evening at The Range (http://indoorrange.com/), from 6:30 to 8 p.m. Each week is an opportunity for PPL shooters to hone their skills and learn to harness the power from within. It is also an opportunity to share time with other like-minded women.

One of the most enjoyable aspects of joining PPL is knowing that each shooter has the opportunity to meet other like-minded women who believe in the right to bear arms, to defend herself and her family, and to hone her pistol skills in a safe and fun environment. Relationships begin on the range as lady shooters share lanes, get to know each other, and share their skills with one another. Relationships continue both on and off The Range (http://www.indoorrange.com) and often blossom into great friendships.

For those new to shooting, or new to shooting at The Range, the PPL Getting Started (http://www.pistolpackingladies.com/getting-started) page is a great place to learn more about range pricing and options for what you may need at The Range.

PPL is open to ladies 17 years old and older. Minors must be accompanied by an adult.

Below are links to two introductory videos that new shooters may find helpful and an article regarding general rules for The Range:

Pistol Nomenclature (http://www.pistolpackingladies.com/single-post/2015/11/01/Semiautomatic-Pistol-Nomenclature)

How to Lock Your Slide Back (http://www.pistolpackingladies.com/single-post/2015/12/19/How-to-Lock-Your-Slide-Back)

Range Rules (http://www.pistolpackingladies.com/single-post/2015/11/09/Safety-Rules-For-Shooting-at-The-Range)

We look forward to seeing you at The Range soon!

Upcoming events (5+)

Aggressive Avoidance Self-Defense Opportunity to Train

SSG Tactical Training Classroom

Ladies, INFORMATION ONLY. No RSVP, No WAIT LIST. Just go. We will re-post this event periodically to remind our PPL members that this is a continuing twice-a-month Wednesday evening event. The event is 6:30 to 8:30. The cost is $10/visit. Schedules do change, so call SSG Tactical at[masked] the day of the event. Teresa


The Range

Hello ladies, I encourage everyone to bring in their favorite targets for this event. Let's see who can find the oddest, craziest or funniest target. You can Google to see what you find. You can create your own (must be paper and NOT have any human faces on it). Or you can simply bring your favorite silhouette target with you. Don't want to purchase special targets just for this event? That is okay, too. You can always purchase a target from The Range. There is no requirement to purchase an outside-of-the-range target. This is just another awesome opportunity to shoot our pistols and hone our skills. There will be minimal guidance this evening so that the instructors get some range time, too. Preferred method of communication is comments via the meetup application. See you there! For the new shooters here is a link to the rules of The Range - it would be beneficial to read before your first visit: http://www.pistolpackingladies.com/#!Safety-Rules-For-Shooting-at-The-Range/cyoz/56413e370cf2e1ca2790b8f9 Email: [masked] Website: www.pistolpackingladies.com (http://www.pistolpackingladies.com/)

Friday Morning Shootout

The Range

Hello Pistol Packing Ladies! Here's another opportunity to shoot on a Friday morning. Fun Fun Fun!!!! The Range doesn't open until 11am, but because we need to be first in line and we are never sure how crowded it will be, we always suggest showing up at The Range parking lot no later than 10:30am. As cars begin to roll in, you can get in line before the door opens. Because The Range could be busy, we are limited on the number of people that can attend. We limited it to 9 ladies with the intent of three ladies per lane for up to three lanes. If we have room to spread out, we'll do that, but just in case, we'll plan smartly. This event is open to MEMBERS only and only to those who are comfortable shooting with little to no assistance. The instructors are there to assist, but only in a limited capacity. Looking forward to seeing some of our Friday Morning Shootout ladies. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to send a comment via MEETUP. If you sign up and can’t make it - please unRSVP in case of a waitlist. See you at the Range😊😊😊 Sarah (Host/Instructor) The rules of The Range: http://www.pistolpackingladies.com/#!Safety-Rules-For-Shooting-at-The-Range/cyoz/56413e370cf2e1ca2790b8f9 Website: www.pistolpackingladies.com


The Range

Hello Pistol Packing Ladies! Come out to join us for a fun Pink Target Night. It's always fun to get together to shoot, so we'll see you there. As always, you can bring your own targets or you can have one of our pink targets or get a target from The Range. We will be there to offer limited guidance, but this our time to shoot too. :-) And for the fun of it - wear something pink (optional)!!!!!! PPL Website: http://www.pistolpackingladies.com

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Weak/Single Hand Shooting Night

The Range

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