5-to-Move Challenge Night


Welcome to another fun night of pistol shooting, Ladies.

We are always working to improve our skills and this one will definitely challenge us. This event is open to all skill levels.

Use any (legal) target you'd like. If you're already a good shot, choose a target with a small center. Each shooter will begin at the 3 yard line. You'll shoot 5 rounds into the 10 ring, then move your target back to the 7 yard line. You can't move your target back until you have 5 rounds in the center at each line. Eventually you'll meet a line that challenges you.

This challenge requires you to use the 6 fundamentals of pistol shooting. It's a lot of fun, but can be very challenging. Focus on your aiming and pull smooth and firm on the trigger and you'll do fine.

You don't have to practice in this skill set if you'd rather not. It's okay to practice your skills at whatever level you are at, but we do encourage you to attend and to try it.

The best thing about PPL is that we're here for each other to help each other progress in our skills. One band of women standing (and shooting) strong.