Friday Morning Malfunction Workshop & Shootout


Hello Ladies,

It’s been a while but let’s do this again!!

Have you had any malfunctions you wished you could have cleared by yourself???

Our next Friday Morning Shoot, you will have an opportunity to learn how! The Range has graciously offered to open up an hour early so we can use the lobby to learn and practice clearing the dreaded Malfunctions. This means we will be starting at 10am ON THE DOT. This workshop is free, however, for it to happen, we need at least 6 ladies to RSVP (and actually follow through with coming). We need these definite RSVP’s by Thursday afternoon so we can confirm with The Range. Your RSVP will be confirmed by noon on Thursday the day before. If we don’t get all 6, but you are one of 5 who really wants to learn, don’t despair! The instructor still plans to teach the techniques, but it will be done on the lanes after The Range opens at 11. Either way, we will still have our normal shooting time together and all are welcome.


** The instructor only has 9mm training rounds (snap caps), so if you have a 9mm semi-automatic, please bring that one. If you don’t have that caliber, the instructor will loan you one to use for the training, then you can use yours with live rounds on the range.

Sarah (Host)