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    Joined Feb 14, 2017
  • Event organizer, Friday Morning Shootout Coordinator
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    I've had the opportunity to take some very helpful shooting classes. But the more I get to the range, the more I realize practice is everything! At least practicing correctly. So I'm thankful to have a group with whom to practice and learn!
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    Hi my name is Jenny and I am new to PPL. I live in Spotsylvania. I am looking forward to meeting everyone tonight.
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    Hi my name is Tammie. I moved to Stafford in 2000 and love it here. I do love critters of all sizes, gardening, boating, fishing and of course target practice. I have recently retired in 2015 & am trying to enjoy life!!!
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    Hello! My name is Dedra and I am one of the Pistol Packing Ladies instructors.
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    I'm Stacy Hicks, not only am I interested in learning to shoot I also want to encourage other friends and family to learn especially if there are guns in the house or if their future careers call for the use of a gun.
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    Hi! Love this group and enjoy shooting with them.
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    Hi! I'm 30-something, married and like to shoot! Looking forward to meeting some like-minded people soon!
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    Hello ladies, I'm Teresa, the founder and Chief Instructor of Pistol Packing Ladies. I believe that having the knowledge and skills to handle a gun well is empowering. Join us soon!