What we're about

This is a twice MONTHLY meetup, formerly known as The Positive Pit Bull socialization meetup group, whose goal WAS socializing our dogs together (one of the most important things you can do for a pit bull!) and and we practice exercises that will promote good manners in your pit bull. We are responsible pit bull owners, working on getting fit with our pits, and having a BLAST while doing it!

Benefits for you:

• You get a workout, the level varying according to who is attending that day.... we will make the pace work for everyone.

• You get quality, regular bond strengthening time with your dog, as you both work together to complete the tasks given that day.

• You get to join the PIT FIT community online, where we share tips and recipes for getting healthy together. You can find an online (or local) fellow pit fitter, and you can keep each other accountable toward forming good and healthy habits that will become part of your new healthy lifestyle.

Benefits for your dog:

• Your dog will get the benefit of a workout that is also an exercise in socialization, as he works out alongside you and learns to pay attention to you, and remains calm while surrounded by new dogs and people (the group varies week to week).

• He/she learns self control, as he completes tasks you ask of him, when he really wants to do what he wants to do....sniffing all the dog butts around him! lol

• He/she learns to walk nicely on the leash instead of dragging you like a sled behind a sled-dog.

The idea behind the work of this group is to change the perception about this very misunderstood breed. The more practiced our dogs are at having good manners, the more accepted in our community and in society in general, and the fewer who will end up in shelters and euthanized.

We walk our dogs with pride in public, showing the world how well-behaved and fun and loving the pit bull breeds actually are, in the hands of responsible owners.

This time together with other dogs and other people is AMAZING socialization for your dogs! More about the importance of socialization for pit bulls and ANY dog here:


We hope you'll join us in helping the pit bull breeds, by practicing great socialization and regularly being out and interacting with your dog! It's all he ever wanted in the first place!

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Training Pack Walk w/Paige Burris ($10 fee per person)



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