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Dedicated to helping badminton players in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (U.S.A) area meetup at suitable courts for more formal pre-arranged doubles or singles matches, or informal pick-up open group badminton court times. This group is intended for an information exchange for all levels of badminton player, from casual/recreational to competitive, from casual pickup to serious tournament players. Never played badminton indoors? Does badminton strike you as not athletically strenuous enough? Come, try badminton with actual lines on a suitable gym floor surface, and be prepared to sweat! Competitive badminton matches arguably involve as much speed and strategy as tennis matches, and a light difference in stroke can just as easily make the difference between in or out. Badminton players must react to their opponent's move more frequently than tennis because it takes far less time for a smashed birdie to fly from one end of the court to the other, being a smaller court and a more aerodynamic object. Badminton players can startle one another by changing the direction of play as suddenly as table tennis players except in badminton the opportunities to impart any meaningful degree of spin to the bird (except to a slight degree on a certain type of rare serve ) are almost non-existent and because the drag on the bird increases as the bird slows, there is a wider array of (velocity-dependent) trajectories available for attacking. With a light touch and clever decision-making, a less agile player with quick reactions and hand-eye coordination can often defeat a player in much better physical condition -- better play-making leads to less strenuous play, especially in doubles. These are some of the reasons that professional badminton is played in front of crowds of thousands in several European and Asian countries -- it is a fantastic sport and a very good workout for both mind and body. This Meetup is a place for individual players and established badminton groups throughout greater Pittsburgh to organize, exchange info, and potentially organize our region's badminton enthusiasts to exchange info with similar groups in other regions, potentially for inter-regional tournaments. My name is Isaak Berg, and I have enjoyed playing badminton regularly with a group who meets at the Hampton Community Center for the past few months. I learned to play competitively in high school and then for a few years while playing other sports. When you join, please let the group know about your interest or experience level in badminton, whether you are interested in joining a group, your age range, and the location, days or times you usually play or are hoping to play.

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