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DevOps Night - How is ChatOps Formed?

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Carol Nichols, Hammer of Justice at Think Through Learning, will be presenting her talk from DevOps Day Pittsburgh.

How is ChatOps Formed?

Chatops, as defined by Webster's New World Dictionary, is doing your DevOps through chat. In this talk, you will learn the 2 Ws of Chatops: Why and How.

Why Chatops?

It centralizes information in useful waysIt democratizes DevOps, giving anyone the power and confidence to do your job for youIt's way more fun than the terminal

How Chatops?

Use OSS Hubot and hubot-scripts (Thanks Github!)Write your own plugins for company-specific commands and metricsStart with the one thing that people bug you the most to doThen listen to your users, they'll tell you ("Wouldn't it be cool if the bot did X?")Refine the interactions to have a high signal-to-noise ratio

This meeting will be co-hosted with the Go Lang meetup. After Carol's presentation Dan Buch will give a talk titled "Practical 12 Factor Go"