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Building a Programming Language of the Mind

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Code & Supply Presentation Night

This night will feature two talks. Doors open at 6:00pm. We'll start with "Deployments So Easy, Devs Will Ask For It by Name" at 6:30pm. "Building a Programming Language of the Mind" will be at 7:45pm.

Deployments So Easy, Devs Will Ask For It by Name - 6:30

Brittany Martin will be presenting.

Our city's arts community is dependent on a 24/7 high volume Rails application. We revamped our deployment process to use the new AWS CodeDeploy. CodeDeploy is a free AWS service that efficiently deploys your released code to a “fleet” of EC2 instances while taking care to leave as much of the fleet online as possible. In this talk, you will learn how to skip writing custom deployment tools and celebrate rapid development cycles.

Food and socializing - 7:15

Building a Programming Language of the Mind

Chris Scott will be presenting. He proposes that it makes you a better programmer to learn new programming languages -- even if you never use those new languages in production. This will be a general talk on programming languages, including Java, C#, Perl, C, Scala, Node.js and more. Target audience is programmers who are already proficient in one language, no matter what that language would be.