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Shell Scripting in Haskell
Many programmers start using Haskell for practical purposes as a scripting tool. One of the prominent tools for this purpose is Turtle[1], a library for building CLI tools. This talk will demonstrate this package and describe some of its features, and show how to get started writing your own scripts. This talk assumes some familiarity with Haskell, and does not attempt to explain basic syntax and semantics in depth. However, it will be as accessible as possible to less experienced Haskell programmers. [1]:

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I'm probably not moving to London or the Bay Area. Is it possible to be a professional Haskell programmer in Pittsburgh? Wouldn't it be nice to have a day job slinging Erlang or Elixir?. How about getting paid to hack Clojure? Maybe your dream job is coding Common Lisp or OCaml. Is there anything we can do to promote functional programming in our town? Can we be a little less passive? If there was a visible functional community in the area, could that help to create possibilities?

With the possible exception of the multi-paradigm language Scala, I'm not sure there is a single functional programming language that's in wide enough commercial use here in Pittsburgh to support a significant work force. Likewise, potential employers might be averse to adopting FP for lack of a pool of such developers from which to draw. But perhaps all functional languages taken together as a whole could provide a suitable foundation. It's a concurrent and polyglot world now and our industry needs what the functional paradigm has to offer.

The hope is that such a community could lower the barriers to adoption of functional languages for both employers and developers in our area.

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