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What we’re about

Please feel free to join our Slack channel via this link:

The Pittsburgh Functional Programming Meetup aims to promote functional programming in the Greater Pittsburgh Area. We host regular events revolving around functional programming education and adoption. 

Events include educational talks about functional programming topics, languages, libraries, and tooling. We encourage discussing and collaborating on functional programming projects, and contributing to the functional programming open source community. We also host an online functional programming book club for discussing books related to functional programming. 

Additionally, we hope for wider adoption of functional programming in the commercial space and our meetup aims to lower the barriers to adoption of functional languages for both employers and developers in our area. 

Functional programming languages we discuss include Haskell, Scala, Erlang, Elixir, PureScript, TypeScript, Clojure, ReasonML, OCaml, F#, LISP, Scheme, Racket, and any language that supports functional features.

Attendees of all skill levels are welcome to join.