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Homebrewing is a lot of fun! There is so much knowledge that goes along with brewing that sharing what you have learned can go a long way to jumpstart people into brewing at home. Why PGH doesn't have a homebrew Meetup is beyond me, but if you want to see change in the world why not be that change!

SO! Lets get together, share beers, drink beers, discuss current brews, share the knowledge! LETS GET IT!

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Let's Talk HomeBrew @ Grist House

Grist House Craft Brewery

Grist House is easily my favorite brewery in Pittsburgh. Let's gather and talk about what HomeBrew projects you're working on, things you want to make, and lessons that you have learned. Lets share some knowledge and enjoy some excellent brews by the guys over at Grist House. I'm hoping that going on a Weekday it might not be too crowded. Sat at Grist are kinda nuts. Parking: Street Parking around Millvale. You might have to go up a block or two and then walk down. I don't believe there is any parking at the Brewery itself.

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Let's Talk HomeBrew at Hitchhiker Brewing

Hitchhiker Brewing - Brewery & Tap Room

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