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This is an invitation to join me in gathering together like-minded women (and perhaps invited men) who've experienced life for a while :) and are in pursuit of similar interests as I. I am an ardent student of A Course In Miracles; Quantum Physics and especially a dedicated practice of the application of its principles; the pursuit of clear consciousness and lucidity; the practices of breathing (refer to Max Strom); the acquiring of wisdom (refer to Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, Krishna, Sufi, Anais Nin, Steve Treu, Gary Zukav, Deepak Chopra to name a few); yoga (I'm very new to it but enthusiastic about its physical and spiritual rewards); the offering of compassion and kindness; and complete responsibility for self. This isn't a therapeutic nor venting outlet but rather a discovery and growth arena. I am forming this potential meetup because as I've progressed I am finding that most of my good old friends (whom I still and will always value) are not on the same page as I am and I'd like to connect with new friends who may be on the same page or at least reading the same books (metaphorically speaking). At this point, I have not set a specific meeting place because my first step is finding women who are interested in such a pursuit. So if you are interested, please send me a note. Thanks much! Debra Holz, 412-651-5051

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