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Let's See if We Can Get Together Before the Year's Over!
I couldn't decide on a public venue, so I'm going to open my home for our first meet-up. (Bonus: if you want to feel better about your housekeeping skills, my home is the place to be!) I hope some of you will be able to make it, and we can discuss locations for future meet-ups as well as what you'd like to get out of this group. I really want to make this a safe, comfortable, fun event for everyone. If you plan on attending, it would be helpful if you could share some general info about your kids, such as ages (actual and/or developmentally); activities they enjoy; and any special considerations (e.g., sensory seeking and/or avoidant, easily overwhelmed, etc.). Not required, but anything you're comfortable sharing will help me plan an afternoon that's fun for everybody. FOOD: This is scheduled for between lunch and dinner, but I will have snacks, drinks, etc. Please let me know if you/your kids have any dietary restrictions, food allergies, sensory-related food aversions, or just general pickiness. I'll do my best to accommodate everyone! If you have any restrictions that I likely can't accommodate (e. g., strict kosher, severe allergy and worried about cross-contamination) or simply would prefer, feel free to bring your own food, whether just for you or to share. CATS: I have two of them. While the actual cats will be shut in a bedroom for the event, their dander is another story. GUESTS: Neurotypical siblings are welcome, along with any other family members. Please ask any questions you have or make any suggestions you'd like!

Frick Park - Point Breeze side, near Bowling Greens

Reynolds Street · Pittsburgh, PA

    What we're about

    This group is meant to serve as both a support group for parents and a playgroup/socialization opportunity for the kids.

    It’s meant to be inclusive; your child does not need to have any particular diagnosis to “qualify” you for membership. If there’s interest, I am hoping we can maybe have meet-ups both with and without the kids.

    My child has ADHD and anxiety; your journey may be different than ours, but maybe we can relate and offer support. I have trouble making parent friends because I spend so much of the time focused on my own child’s behavior; I have always shied away from joining playgroups because I worry about being judged. My child has limited social skills and does not make friends easily.

    If you can relate to any of that, perhaps we can build a group together.

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