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As women, the task of keeping the family history usually falls to us – the photos, mementos, family newsletters, and paperwork from the past. The working women in my generation, and the next one, are liable to have the biggest collections ever, as our capacity to take photos and save papers increases. We’ve never had so much stuff!

As busy business women and community members, this task spends a LOT of time at the bottom of our to-do lists. In this talk, I present my colleagues with: WHY it is important to build and save personal archives, the importance of including all of the women, and some of the most enjoyable ways to do just that.

Presented by: Angela Todd - Historian, Archivist, Speaker

Angela Todd is a family & oral historian, archivist, and speaker. She helps women capture their stores, pull together photographs and papers to build personal archives, and even helps place those collections in public repositories to ensure those stories and archive are saved. This work is born our of Angela’s love for archives and women in history, but her clients’ joy at both telling their stories and having their collections publicly held “for the ages” has put her in touch with something much bigger.

Angela reduces stress about family collections – papers, photos, and documents. She assesses them, organizes them, and helps plan for their continuance, inside or outside the family. By tailoring her services to align with her clients’ needs, she helps women build lasting legacies to hand forward to our next generations. Her clients feel joy at remembering, relief to have a plan in place. They say her work is “an extraordinary gift to be able to reflect” on family and personal path. Through oral history, archive-building, and cultural research, we can keep our stories from being lost. Every woman has a story worth saving.

For more information visit: www.angelaltodd.com

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