What is a Millennial & Why Should I Care?: Inter-Gen Communicating & Marketing

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You often hear the term "millennial" thrown around as a nickname for irresponsible youth, but it's taken from serious researchers by Strauss & Howe. We'll discuss their theory of the 6 types of generations, and talk about how understanding this information can be useful working with colleagues and clients alike.

You'll learn:
- What generation you're a part of and what generationalizations are made about you
- Why different generations connect with different marketing messages
- How generational differences present themselves in the workplace
- How you can cross over and connect with someone from a different generation than your own.

Presented by: Jen Partica of Inside Admissions Consulting

Jen Partica spent a decade working in higher education administration learning both the art and science of student recruitment and enrollment management. Now she's an indepedent educational consultant, using what she learned on the job and in an M.Ed. program to create a unique curriculum that guides families through a successful college admissions process. She's an author, an experienced public speaker, and a curious and brave woman who will go anywhere and talk to anyone. You'll never regret working with her.

Inside Admissions Consulting offers educational services that empower high school students and their families to conduct a smarter college search. We host workshops, in-house admissions parties, an online course, and consult with families one-on-one. IAC also works with school counselors and teachers who play a big role in the admissions process, and business who wish to offer our services as a benefit to their clients.


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