What Is Health? What Does It Mean to You?

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What is health?
What does health mean to you?
Why is health so important?
The Six Pillars of health
Challenge Homework

To inform and discuss the meaning of health
To build awareness that health is not just about exercise and nutrition
To help you identify areas of health as a business owner you could do just a little bit better

Presentation by: Maria S Allshouse LLC - Healthy Lifestyle Coaching and Corporate Wellness Consulting

Maria brings more than 8 years of experience as a fitness and wellness professional along with more than 20 plus years of professional leadership background in corporate marketing operations. She holds numerous certifications in both fitness and nutrition. Most recently, Maria received the designation of Certified Nutrition Pro Coach with a world leader in fitness nutrition and exercise, Precision Nutrition. She holds a Bachelors Degree in Business and Communication from Carlow University and has been featured in both local and national publications. One thing that Maria is most proud of is receiving the 2013 Most Inspiring and Transformational Employee of the Year from her former employer GNC.

I help individuals transition to a healthier lifestyle through clinically designed programs that are safe, simple, structured and sustainable while educating my clients on the habits of health and how to achieve optimal health. I do this through my unique 6 Step Process of:

MINDSET—Shift What’s On The Inside First
EDUCATION—Fuel For Thought
COMMUNITY—Support, Encouragement and Accountability
NUTRITION—Learning To Power A Healthy Body
ACTIVITY—Movement For Progress
OPTIMIZATION—A Sustainable Healthy Lifestyle!

For more information on Maria please visit: mariasallshouse.com

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