3 Vital Questions to Transform Drama and Increase Your EQ

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Drama shows up daily for all of us, both internally and externally, sucking the energy that holds us back from being our highest self.
The 3 Vital Questions help us, as individuals, families, and organizations, to identify key traits of our thoughts and behaviors that lead us into either disempowered roles or empowered roles.
Once we identify our roles, we can discover if they fall within the Dreaded Drama Triangle of Victim, Persecutor, and Rescuer; or The Empowerment Dynamic (TED) of Creator, Challenger, and Coach. We will identify these roles and learn how to use the TED framework to help ourselves and others shift toward the positive, proactive, and resourceful TED roles.

These positive shifts create profound results within ourselves that reverberate into our family, work, and community.
Wouldn't it be energy giving and freeing to shift...
• From a powerless Victim at the mercy of life circumstance to a responsible Creator who has the vision to initiate action and achieve desired outcomes.
• From a Persecutor who must win at any cost and who controls others through blame, criticism, and oppression to a Challenger who speaks the truth from a place of pure intention of wanting to help others and situations improve.
• From a Rescuer who saves Victims from perceived harm and enables dependency by relieving them from taking responsibility to a Coach who sparks self-awareness, discovery, learning, and behavior change.

Presented by Merilee Smith of Merilee Smith Consulting and Training

Hi there! I'm a drama disruptor and culture transformation coach with over 20 years of experience in organizational and leadership development. I know firsthand, from growing up working in my family's business to working as a leader with Disney and beyond, that a healthy culture is critical to creating the ultimate experience that breeds happiness, high-performance, and longevity. I'm extremely passionate about helping organizations and individuals build an engaging work and life experience where they find meaning in what they do and feel valued, connected, challenged, and empowered.

I work across industries, building long-term partnerships with my clients to create a culture and employee engagement strategy that fuels their vitality and bottom line. I deliver results-oriented consulting, coaching, and training for all organizational levels to develop the "hard stuff", the behavioral skills needed to successfully lead, communicate, and collaborate from an innovative and solutions-oriented mindset. I draw from my experience in culture transformation, leadership development, coaching, employee engagement, emotional intelligence, and team building.

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