Avoid the Trap of Toxic Hustle


When we first start a business, we must do ALL the things, both IN and ON our business. It's easy to lose focus when juggling so many balls and wearing so many hats. We can often find ourselves being pulled into working too hard, doing too many things, and getting lost in preparation rather than follow through. We can get so focused on our goal, that we forget to check in with ourselves.

Have you ever "forgot" self-care, breaks, other business tasks,

The talk will explain what Toxic Hustle is and how to avoid the trap that leads to personal burnout or even business failure by creating balance in the MOST overlooked aspect of your self-management.

Presented by Stacy Raske of Stacy Raske LLC
Business Success & Abundance Coach, Transformational Speaker, Bestselling Author

Stacy, creator of the Aligned Abundance Process, helps high-achieving female entrepreneurs breakthrough self-doubt and sabotage, and build confidence so they can increase their impact and income with ease and authenticity. As an Iraq War Veteran, recovering from PTSD and major overthinking, she’s taken what she has learned and distilled it down into a powerful toolkit that’s simple and actionable. She’s helped hundreds of entrepreneurs break the sabotage cycle and finally feel authentic in their business. Helping them uncover the root issues blocking their success and gives them a toolkit to stop getting in their own way because they finally believe they’re GOOD ENOUGH to be successful.

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