Last Season’s Gems: Repurpose, Upcycle, and Cannibalize Your Content


When you've already created diamonds, why waste your time struggling to come up with new topics constantly? Make use of what's already on your hard drive!

If you repurpose, upcycle, and cannibalize the content that you’ve already created, you can use the pieces that you have newly fashioned to populate other media forms and formats while saving your valuable time! It just makes sense to pull from what you’ve already created instead of “reinventing the wheel” every time you want to reach out to your audience.

Though you might wonder if repeating yourself is really worthwhile, trust me, it is. Thanks to nutty Facebook algorithms and consumer habits and whims, you need to repeat the same concepts—though you can present them in different ways—because your audience doesn’t always see your posts the first, second, or even third time that you share them. Being flexible with video, speech, and writing also lets you hit different audiences who learn in different ways.
In this talk, you’ll learn about

• The conscious and unconscious content that we are creating
• Simple steps to transform one piece of content into another or multiple pieces
• The time-saving formula for content creation and transformation that makes your life 100x simpler

Join Cori Wamsley to learn this time-saving hack for your business!

Cori Wamsley is a writing coach and book editor who helps emerging leaders uplevel their careers by writing a book. She offers group and private coaching to help them organize their thoughts, outline their book, and develop a targeted manuscript that can be used as an evergreen marketing piece and then provides expert editing and formatting services, as well as assistance with self-publishing through a print-on-demand service.

Cori Wamsley helps emerging leaders and high-performers write a book fast to give them the credibility and visibility they need to uplevel their career. She helps them create authentic books that allow them to reach a bigger audience and connect with media to gain greater exposure. Cori’s education, experience as an author of 8 books, and love for helping people tell their story drives her to get to the heart of what people want to share and why so they can put it in writing and make a huge impact.
Cori wrote and self-published seven fiction books and one nonfiction book, The SPARK Method, about how to write a book for your business fast. She is also the executive editor and a writer for Inspiring Lives Magazine, as well as a board member of The Global Sisterhood nonprofit.

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