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Pittsburgh Women's Mastermind for Entrepreneurs
Pittsburgh Women's Mastermind for Entrepreneurs
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An interactive program that provides an opportunity for each participant to discover and define their values, as well as gaining clarity on areas of their life that they may need to begin honoring or putting some action around.

In most cases (especially in women) our tendencies are to spend more time trying to figure what matters most to those around us and less time diving into self.

This discovery and awareness becomes our internal guide when it comes to decisions we make, why things may feel off within our relationships, and it paves the way for more effective communication.

Presentation by: Natalie Iannone of Turn It On

Natalie Iannone brings 20+ years of inspiring leadership and people service experience; with a specialty in Learning & Development. Her expertise and focus lie in mentoring and coaching, strategic planning, leadership development, and effective communication. Natalie partnered with Human Resource and senior executive leadership to discover, create, and implement a dynamic culture replete with the company’s foundational principles.

With her keen intuition and skills in leadership development, Natalie performs as a confidant, mentor, educator, and strategist. She creates a partnership with clients that fosters discovery, energizes them to lean into their personal strengths and values. Assist them into moving past internal barriers or limited mindsets. Drives continuous action around their goals and greatest desires.

Natalie is an iPEC graduate gaining her certified coaching certificate, along with her Associate Certified Coach credentials with the Institute of Coaching Federation, and a practitioner in Energy Leadership Index Assessments. Aside from her leadership and coaching abilities, what truly sets her apart from most, is her unwavering ability to connect deeply with others.

Turn It On is a business that works with individuals, groups, and organizations. Through presentations, coaching engagements, and training, we act as educators, mentors, and strategists to ensure our clients are truly embracing their potential and continuing to hone their own definition of success - not just accepting the one handed to them. Perhaps our favorite roles, though, is when we get to put on our bull sh*t-detector and energizer hats; when our clients grant us the permission to “see what they’re not seeing,” call them out when they’re not honoring themselves, their values, or their dreams, and then reignite their passion and get them turned back on in life.

*Pittsburgh Women's Mastermind is for women entrepreneurs who want to experience personal and professional growth in a supportive and inspiring community. We focus on discussion and mindset mastery of the unique challenges we face as entrepreneurs while building lasting relationships.

*If this group resonates with you, we'd love for you to visit an upcoming meeting “on us”. After your first visit, you can decide if the group is a good fit for you to join as a member. To find out the different levels of membership and more information please visit: https://fromstartuptosuccess.com/pittsburgh-womens-mastermind/

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