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During our time together you will learn techniques to lessen stress physically and mentally, creating opportunities for magic, or transformation, and creation to occur.

You will learn:
*Techniques to reduce stress and anxiety
*Meditations not only to connect the mind and body but also to connect and light your purpose on fire
*Questions and practices to create openings to your creative self to be able to look at things a bit differently

There will be some movement that is accessible to everyone as well as breathing techniques during our time together.

You will also receive a step by step guide to ignite your magic whether its for yourself or others.

If you are open to seeing things differently, I invite you to join me for this journey to create a life of purpose, authenticity and wholeness.

Presented by: Maureen Lauer-Gatta

Maureen is a leader, speaker, poet, artist, dog mom, entrepreneur, lover of life, Dead head and yogini.

She inspires others to seek within themselves for what they are truly looking for through courageous action of the heart. Leading others to awaken their awareness through yoga, mediation and mindfulness since 2003, training individuals to be heart leaders through training yoga teachers since 2005. She has taught thousands of kids yoga, meditation and mindfulness since 2010, big kids Mindfulness as a Part-Time Adjunct Professor at Youngstown State University since 2015. She has been leading and inspiring women to light their souls on fire, question authority and be the rebel of thought systems through retreats, classes and workshops.

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Leading women to live a life of purpose and authenticity through movement, mindfulness, meditation and mentor-ship whether it be classes, workshops, retreats or guided mentoring.

*Pittsburgh Women's Mastermind is for women entrepreneurs who want to experience personal and professional growth in a supportive and inspiring group. We focus on discussion and mindset mastery of the unique challenges we face as entrepreneurs while building lasting relationships.

*Group Policy: No mass distributing event announcements, brochures, questionnaires, business cards, newsletters, or samples unless you are the presenter that month or the upcoming month and it relates to your presentation. Thank you for respecting our group policies so we can stay focused on our purpose of personal and professional growth, discussion and support!

*If this group resonates with you, we'd love for you to visit an upcoming meeting “on us”. After your first visit, you can decide if the group is a good fit for you to join as a member. To find out the different levels of membership and more information please visit:

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