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THIS EVENT is more general than Entrepreneurship, but it is about supporting people breaking free of labels, and believing in their dreams, and overcoming struggles!!! People will be there from different background and situations, but it is an EMPOWERMENT COMMUNITY that is forming AND I used this TECHNOLOGY to CREATE ABUNDANCE and Manifest DREAMS in my life! SO, I offer it to you guys if you feel drawn to it, then cool...if not then thats cool too

Here is it....

Connect with others who are like you! Speak size into each other! Agree to Agree that we are more than a label or a struggle! Dream together! Discover mastery within! Build an Empowerment community!

"Be not confirmed by this world, but transformed"

I have a vision of a community of people that regardless of their struggles, labels, or issues...BELIEVE in each other and EMPOWER each other towards GREATNESS

For the TRUTH is that WE are all MASTERS!!! FOR THE TRUTH is that WE are ALL Masters!!!

However, we accept the labels of age, sex, creed, religion, race, illness, social class, etc... and we allow those labels to define who we ARE and what we can BECOME! NO MORE!!

ADD, OCD, Bipolar, Tourettes, Addict, Poor, Diabetic, Autistic, Old, Young, Male, Female, etc..

THESE are not who we are...and all that we are!! And this event is a space where people can see each other as they are...and accept them unconditionally, but also see them beyond that, and thus allow themselves to be beyond that, and thus MANIFEST NEW REALITIES!!

I know in my life that it was only when I was willing to seeing beyond the 5 mental illness labels that were given to me..and the doctors who said I would end up in residential care my whole life on meds....and when I could see more in myself, then and only then did I allow myself to become more to myself and overcome them! Overcoming all of those illnesses, being 14 years symptom and meds free, came from this POWER that I invite you to JOIN in with others to CREATE an "ITS POSSIBLE" Community!!!

So, come and see MORE in other people, and thus see MORE in yourself! Come and let's gather with more than 2, for it says that WILL CHANGE THE WORLD!!!....and let us SPEAK words of "YOU CAN, YOU WILL, YOU ARE" and thus RECEIVE words of
"I CAN, I WILL, and I AM"!!!

Learn more about how I overcame all of those labels, and the Self Mastery System I used..and how you can UNLOCK yourself by first Unlocking OTHERS!! Listen to the DREAMS of others...and Speak your dreams into existence!! Share your struggles and hear others, but see and speak healing as we LIFT EACH OTHER UP TOGETHER!!!

Explore POWER through the LOVE that YOU ARE! Explore yourself through SEEING and BEING MORE of yourself by allowing yourself to see MORE in others, and they will see MORE in YOU! Believe in yourself with others who believe in you, and BUILD the EMPOWERMENT community that can SPREAD LOVE and HEALING to thousands of people! TO THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE!!!!


First United Methodist Church 5401 Centre Avenue Shadyside Pittsburgh, PA

Come around to the back glass doors and follow the signs! Call me or email me with any questions!

-Tom Menditto, Ph.B., TCQT
ADHD Master Coach

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