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Kubernetes: Cloud Foundry Container Runtime and CD for your infrastructure

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After a long hiatus, Pivotal Dublin Meetup is returning with a wonderful event in July. Come share a beer and some pizza with us and hear from our engineers, product managers, designers and data scientists. On this instance of the Pivotal Dublin Meetup we'll have two talks:

• Continuously Deliver Your Kubernetes Infrastructure: **Mikkel Larsen**

Mikkel is a guest speaker coming from Zalando (Berlin) sharing some ideas on how to manage your *Kubernetes* infrastructure in a continuous way.

Abstract: Kubernetes provides the means for making it simple to continuously deliver our apps on top of clusters. But what about the underlying Kubernetes infrastructure? How can we continuously deliver improvements to the infrastructure and be confident that new changes will not have a negative impact on apps running on top?

Using the rollout of Kubernetes at Zalando as an example Mikkel will discuss how Zalando manage 60+ production and test clusters, how they went from Kubernetes v1.4 and continuously updated all clusters to the latest stable release, and how they test every change to the cluster configuration.

• Aiming for production ready K8s clusters with CFCR (Cloud Foundry Container Runtime): Elena Pleshan & Bengt Hammarlund
Elena and Bengt are Pivots from our Dublin office. Both of them have spent some time working on the CFCR or related teams.

Abstract: Kubernetes offers an extensive set of features that can provide for different purposes, ranging from test deployments on localhost to deployments with heavy ML computations on GPUs. It can get overwhelming to figure out the specific features, or combinations of features, which may be needed for making a secure and resilient service.

CFCR is an open source wrapper around Kubernetes that provides an opinionated K8S deployment, leveraging BOSH functionalities like scaling and self-healing. It offers a subset of Kubernetes features enriched by some functionalities of BOSH, and facilitates an easy learning curve. In this talk we intend to explore what can make a K8s cluster ‘production ready’ for different business and how CFCR helps reduce complexity of spinning up a K8s cluster and surface only the most commonly used features.



18:30 - Doors Open, Pizza and Beer

19:00 - Talks and discussion

20:00 - Drinks and chat

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