Kubernetes Upgrades | Ops Firedrills

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Our meetup series continues.

Come share a beer and some pizza with us and hear from our engineers, product managers, designers and data scientists. On this instance of the Pivotal Dublin Meetup we'll have two talks:

* Ops Firedrills by James Wynne

This talk is about how you can use a firedrill process to prepare new engineers to be on-call. By building confidence in their tools and themselves. And also how you can use firedrills to reduce your mean time to recovery in the event of a failure.

• Kubernetes Upgrades by Alex Slynko

Kubernetes gives easy application upgrades to developers, but it is hard for operators to keep clusters up-to-date. Oleksandr spent last two years automating upgrades for Cloud Foundry Container Runtime and Pivotal Container Service. He will share the learnings and will tell how to make upgrades boring and keep your users happy.


18:30 - Doors Open, Beer

19:00 - Kubernetes Upgrades

Food Break & Chats

20:00 - Ops Firedrills

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