Progressive Web Apps: A Tipping Point for the Evolution of the Web

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Join us Thursday, May 16th at Pivotal's Lunch & Learn with Daniel Appelquist, Director of Web Advocacy & Open Source at Samsung Research UK. He'll be speaking with us about what Progressive Web Apps are and how Samsung is working at the forefront of this new internet evolution.

The web is evolving. First launched in the mid-90s as a way for academics to share research, the web has become the largest and world’s most successful platform for content, applications and services. Because of its openness and amorphous nature, the web is always under threat by competing single-vendor locked-down platforms. By nature of its architecture, the web is inherently more private, more accessible and more internationalized. Now, Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) are emerging as an exciting new way to bring mobile experiences to end users, bringing back the learnings from native app platforms to the web while keeping what makes the web webby. Samsung Internet browser has been at the forefront of this new approach. I’ll talk about what makes the web different, what PWAs are and what Samsung is doing with the web platform.

When May, 16th 12:30 - 1:30
Who: Daniel Appelquist, Director of Web Advocacy & Open Source, Samsung Research UK
Where: Pivotal 2 Floor, Bower, 211 Old Street, EC1V 9NR · London