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What we're about

This is a meetup for Pizza Geeks.

Our people:
You love pizza. You want to know more about pizza, and have the pizza-makers of Portland show you what they love about pizza, and walk you through their story and their process.

Our goal:
To learn about the pizza-makers of Portland, learn about pizza itself (the history of pizza, the regional differences, the difference a tomato choice makes, etc!) and enjoy some amazing pizza!

What we do:
We will try to Meetup around once per month at a Portland-area pizza spot and (after planning it out with the makers) hear the history of the store, the pizza origin-story for the pizza makers, learn about their ingredients and how/why they chose them, learn what makes their pizza special, and -of course-, try some AWESOME PIZZA!

Group Rules:

1) No Judgement. - Some people like different types of pizza than you, and that's awesome! I have my favorites, and I hope you'll try them! I am excited to hear why you love the ones you love!

2) We're here for the pizza. - Each place we go to is going to be more than just a tasting. I want to meet the owners, learn their stories, see their kitchen, hear why they choose the ingredients they do, and otherwise just experience the pizza community of Portland!

3) We are NOT critics. - We aren't a group of food critics deciding what pizza is good or bad, and we most definitely are not there to create a Yelp! review. We're going to try pizza you love, and some you love less. We are going to learn to identify what we love about them, and see if we can hone our tastes down to find our own personal perfect pizza!

4) We don't take handouts. - We want to support local pizza spots. We will pay for our pizza like any other customers, we will tip like decent citizens, and we will be kind and respectful with every pizza and pizza-maker. Even if it is a pizza you love less than some others you've tried!

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