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Once apon a time there was a little boy who had Autism and felt very alone in the vast land of Orange County California. For he was given a gift that is as individual as who we are on the inside he felt great empathy for animals and was able to communicate with the world in a different way but his insightful outlook came with a price where he could Sense people's true intentions if they were for good or bad. So as Prince Pablo grew up he would build relationships with people but only benefit from there good qualities and feed off of that to gain his power but that came with a curse of always being alone never having a relationship platonic or have intmacy with anyone. Until the Summer of 2014 when he meet a beauty who at the end of her life transform this Prince Into a humble king Pablo of the Plaid Nation
It took me 5 years to reach enlightenment but thru that time I've perfected exercises and technical principles to live a fun happy life and now I would like to share it with you. And by the end of the ten week course I've created your journey towards the light will have you smile Everytime you wear Plaid so welcome to the PLAID NATION
We will go thru a process of mind soul and body. Now each person is different and the reason I put body at the end is because that's where Trust comes in. So I will devise a personal light goal contract with you for your individual journey

Costs are $10-$30 light exchange what ever makes you comfortable but still helping me keep this group going.

So the first paid Meetup is a paid guided walking meditation tour hike on the trails behind the Fullerton Court House. Afterwards if you are interested we will set up a individual classes and light goals for your individual enlightenment journey
welcome to the PLAID NATION

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Spiritual status check

Tri-City Park

We are going to find out where you are at in your spiritual journey and find your spirit animal if you haven't already done that. I'm going to be asking the group a series of questions and I'll give you further instructions on that part of the Meetup then. Also I'll teach you how to begin learning meditation by starting with 10-30 second intervals of quieting the mind. We will meet at the Kramer Blvd entrance after you have park at 12:00pm. Look forward to meeting you light cadets! This is the only group event that is free, to get you familiar with my teaching style, if it's the right fit for you.

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