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Lifetree Plan for Success offers in-person trainings and an on-line webinar program to help you identify and reach your goals and achieve the life you desire. While many attendees are associated with real estate investment, workshops and webinars can be scheduled to fit the interests of anyone seeking positive change in their lives. Visioning workshops are attended by individuals with a wide array of interests.

Around 45 percent of Americans make New Year’s resolutions, Just 8 percent achieve them.* Resolutions provide the best of intentions, but they are often vague and lack a plan of action and even more rarely attend to the present moment. They also lack a method to follow through and ways to remain accountable. Only 3% of people have written goals and a plan for their lives. Even fewer take the important step of creating a Vision that drives their goals and actions. Do you know what “success” means to you, and what you desire to accomplish in the important areas of your life? Give Yourself the Gift of Taking Action to Realize Your Dreams - You Deserve It!

In the Plan for Success Program, you will:

- develop your clear and powerful vision through a guided Vision Statement and Vision Board.

- prioritize your most important goals and figure out how to accomplish them.

- have a support system to help you brainstorm, celebrate your successes, and provide support when you feel stuck or discouraged.

- have a chance to sit with your plan, try it on for size, then further "tweak" it as life presents new opportunities.

- participate in optional on-going monthly brainstorming conference calls that will help you stay on track.

Register Today! and look forward to your year with not only intention, but with concrete steps to realize the life you want!

About the Trainer:
Katy Fleming is Director of LifeTree Plan for Success, and the founder and leader of Investors Network of Colorado, a real estate investing group she began in May, 2012. Katy brings a professional background of nearly forty years of leadership, education and community engagement, with a focus on adult “brain-based” learning. Katy has over twenty years experience as a real estate investor and landlord. She has led large and small groups from five to over a hundred members in identifying and accomplishing goals through action plans plus ongoing accountability.

What Others Are Saying About the Host, Katy Fleming

Robert Hammond: "I have been honored to work with Katy for over 15 years both as the Chief Operations Officer for Boulder Valley School District and the Deputy and Commissioner of Education for the State of Colorado before I retired. Her expertise in being able to lead individuals, groups and communities in developing a vision, goals, and action plans along with tools to enable appropriate follow-through for results, is outstanding. You cannot help but be inspired by her honest and research-based approach to learning and guiding people to achieve greater results in their lives. Katy is personable, highly energetic, motivating and has outstanding character. If you want to learn from a truly unique and honest person who can assist you in achieving what you may not have realized in your life, attend this workshop."

Eric Hiivala (Realtor and Investor): "I have witnessed Katy's amazing ability to bring people together for a focused agenda. Her leadership and compassion for people inspire accomplishment"

Manfred Chemek (Investor and Trainer): "If you truly want to succeed in your life, Katy's workshop is the one program I feel confident recommending. You will get the support needed to truly identify your goals, develop the plans to reach them, and create the checks you need to confirm you are on course. All this in a 2-day intensive - an excellent value!"

Dave Roberts (Storage Unit Investor): "Katy is a true visionary who makes things happen. She had an idea for an investor group, began to attract like-minded people to her vision and then built it into a thriving and reputable REIA that continues to grow and attract new and experienced investors. If you're looking for someone who knows how to help you shape a vision for your investing career and then take the day to day actions to achieve it, you'd be hard pressed to find someone more motivated and capable than Katy Fleming. "

Justin Cooper (Hard Money Lender and Investor): "I have known Katy for years and she truly has a passion for leading through a balance of involvement, collaboration, and self-discovery. These traits shine through whether she is facilitating trainings or Investors Network of Colorado meetings. I have been a member of INC since the beginning and it has been a pleasure watching Katy grow the group. Katy understands that a successful journey requires much more than just setting goals. She will ensure you have the full set of tools you need to realize your dreams."

Ross Hamilton, CEO, Connected Investors Connected Investors, the world's largest network of real estate investors, is a state of the art online platform that provides easily used and up to date real estate technology to learn, find, fund, figure, and flip off market investment properties.

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* University of Scranton survey published in The Journal of Clinical Psychology

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