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Curious about Kundalini? Join us for this 4 class series!
Come learn about and experience Kundalini Yoga. Known as the Yoga of Enlightenment, Kundalini offers the fast track to opening up blocked chakras and supporting you in being joyful, present, and powerful in your life. The first 4 weeks of this class includes discussion and Q&A for those wanting a deeper, cerebral understanding of kunalini. In addition, each week goes through a different kriya - which is the kundalini name for a series of poses. Each kriya has a specific purpose on obtaining and maintaining balance. Drop ins are allowed at $18 per class OR purchase the 4 class pack for $50. All Thursdays in November, except Thanksgiving. Sat Nam!

Planet Namaste

3008 W. Burbank Blvd. · Burbank, ca