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The idea of ​​bringing together a group of students with the most varied knowledge in the field of information technology, in the fields of development of films or videos for you tube or similar, technicians in sound reconstruction, ordinary visual effects and 3 D, writing, editing of text, movements, voice editor, graphic editing, to jointly develop study proposal for later video launch related to the formation of planet earth its history, its trajectory and its final destination, involves scientific information related to climate, magnetism, geology of the planet, earth crust movement and more. We will provide the necessary information for the development of the entire process, after completion will be released to the public through available media such as discovery chanel, you tube, TED etc, and all merits of the project will be addressed to the group as a whole, as well as all the financial result achieved by monetization, advertising, partnerships, will be divided among all participants. The work can be developed remotely, that is, each chosen and qualified participant can develop their part of the project of their own environment, we do not have to travel daily in a physical place for that, except on the dates determined to evaluate the steps of the project. both in this project will be open doors for young students of both sex, smart and talented talents with great strength and dynamism.

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