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The Plano group was created to use the Law of Attraction along with all 11 universal laws including spiritual healing in order to make positive changes in their lives. We cover how to open up the true and authentic you that already knows how to use these laws but in humanity has lost the essence of this truth. You will learn how to clear those blocks that keep you from reaching your truth in living a life filled with the love, happiness and wealth you desire. I am a life long entrepreneur, master law of attraction coach, author and speaker.

Open your mind & clear your soul of the things that no longer serve you

Remove the lower vibrations that keep you on the wrong path

Use the 11 Laws of the Universe as your key to unlocking the truth of you

Having a more positive effect on the people you interact with. We bring in local healers, teachers and positive thinkers who want to be of service to our group. Together you will learn about how to use the 11 laws of the universe in order to see what has been waiting for all along.

Teaching anyone who comes how to use those laws in daily practice. Mother nature taught us that we are abundant by nature, so we include meditation, nature, prayer,crystals and other resources to help you move forward toward your goals. This will be an encouraging place for all who need it. There will be information shared such as books, youtube series, planners and workshops from truth seekers that help everyone to master the steps of these laws and how to put them t use.

Our primary aim is to help people succeed at whatever their desires are. Sometimes in life when you are working on a goal you need someone to be there to help to keep you motivated. Also, they may be able to see blind spots that you might miss because of your attachment to the goal. Having another persons' point of view can help you to get past those obstacles.

That is the main purpose of this group is open up the positive channels that lay dormant in all of us, raise your intuitive begin and find the peace, love, life and abundance you desire.

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