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Transmission from Corellia (plano), looking for any spacers looking to make good credits or have a fun adventure in the Star Wars Universe. We will be playing Star Wars: Edge of the Empire RPG. First time players are welcome and Star Wars fans of any capacity are encouraged. We'll meet and play at Madness Comics and Games in Plano.

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Star Wars: Ashes of an Empire Session 3

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The Refinery

Our group have found themselves in the middle of an imperial fuel refinery to repay a debt to the infochant Tyrus. But, what was supposed to be a simple information drop has now devolved into trouble. With one member the "honored" guest of Warden Carnor, one heading into the refinery, and two others now alone in the middle of an imperial complex, how will our players get out of this?

Star Wars Galaxy's Edge session 5

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Treasures of the Crimson Dawn Part 1: Rules of Nature

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Star Wars: The Miserable Ones - Chapter 3: Look Down

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