Tampa, FL

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Dec 21, 2012


I am excited to get to meet so many people focused on eating healthy too. See you soon at one of our events in Tampa.

Have you transitioned to the Primarily Plant based lifestyle yet? If so, when and why did you decide to transition?

I eat primarily plant based whole foods to optimize my personal health. I believe that each person needs to do what is correct for them and I do not force my style of eating on others.

Are those you live and spend time with (such as family and/or roommates) supportive of your primarily plant based lifestyle?

I do not have any family or friends that are an obstacle to eating the way I desire. I have found that I can even enjoy Chili's with others and find something off the menu that I too can enjoy.

What is your biggest struggle on this journey to Balance and Nutrition for Body, Mind, Heart and Soul?

I find that I procrastinate on "task" style items on my to do list. Then they pile up and I end up spending the weekend doing simple tasks.

What is the best email to reach you at ?