What we're about

You will:
- receive an essential oils kit worth $150 with the class
- discuss and experience ​rare and precious essential oils
- learn how to apply precious essential oils to get the most out of them
- practice your ability to develop a deeper understanding of the oils and their properties
- discuss plants from the Bible, Buddhism, Hinduism, Jewish, and Indigenous cultures
- learn their application and the deeper meaning for their application
- practice the most effective way in applying these oils to the body
- increase your "conductivity" to the Divine using these oils and improve meditation
- find ways to feel very peaceful with simple steps
- learn blends from sacred writings and why to use them
- release psychological energies with easy "step-by step" processes
- address patterns and ​t​emperments that contribute to stress, fears, etc.
- deepen your prayer and meditation practice
- learn the three different goals in meditation and how to cultivate them
- plus more

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