What we're about

Building your Business? - Existing or New? - Then this Group is for You.

Want to know the secrets that many millionaires have used - and you can use to create your Success too?

Discover the Secrets to Success in Business and Life by attending our Main Events and Small Group Gatherings that are held weekly throughout the Greater Toronto Area.

Hosted by Master Business Builder, Strategist and Coach, John Verway, who built one of his businesses from $0 to $23 million in just 18 months - our goal is that every Member will benefit in their Business from their participation in this Group.

Our Events and Small Group Meetups are for the purpose of creating a Community of Business People in all areas of business.

In the Events You can

1) hear and Network with knowledgeable Speakers on many business topics

2) have the opportunity to network with other like minded people

3) apply to be a speaker to promote your business at one of our events

Our Small Group Meetups are for the purpose of informal business related conversations and to get input from Coach John Verway for business challenges that you are currently facing.

In our Small Group Meetups you can

1) meet with 1- 5 Group Members at a Starbucks or other similar location

2) Stay only as long as your schedule allows

3) request to have a meeting in an area of the City that is closer to you.

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