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Las Margaritas por la tarde, junio 2016

¡Bienvenida! ¿Quisiera platicar? ¿Te gusta la lengua? Andamos buscando aficionados. Tenemos un grupo de conversación. Quisiéramos amigos. ¿Estás listo?

There is only one reason to join Platique. You will come to total immersion meetings. As you can see the purpose of the website is to manage meetings. Members get on the mailing list for announcements and to view the Calendar about meeting time and place each week. We don't teach Spanish.

We have a reunión every week in different places, usually central or east. Active members attend four or more meetings per year. If you don't RSVP YES and come to some meetings you are just taking up space.

The fundamental requirement is that you MUST be able to CONVERSE in Spanish. No English allowed. Then you have to upload a picture of yourself, an identifiable photo of just you, your face, not a lot of other stuff or other people. A valid email address is required and don't change it unless you first change it on your Account here. You will be charged dues $12 per year payable annually. Automatic renewal is suggested. Forgetting to pay dues results in automatic removal from the group. Newcomers have a three month grace period.

HOW TO FIND A MEETING: You can log on to the Platique web site and go to EVENTS or Calendar page. Every member is invited to all meetings. You must choose a meeting and RSVP.

HOW TO JOIN: Joining this group is easy. At the top of the page click on "Join Us" or "Sign Up", and fill out the application. I have two requirements.

1) Use your full name. I must know your name. When someone comes to an En Casa meeting we want to know who it is. Names and photos are only visible to members.

2) When you are asked to upload one photo. Please, a head and shoulders picture of you so we can see who you are. This is an ID photo. I must clearly see your face. The photo must be in the format ,jpg, .png or .gif and must be less than 10 Megabytes.

- Meetings are all in Spanish. Consider it to be a mini total immersion. Obviously, to survive without English, newcomers must be able at the very least to understand a really basic conversation, put together a question and understand the answer, slowly if necessary. This implies that you have a basic working vocabulary and are comfortable with conjugation.

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