6th Develop your arduino project with others at the same place

This is a past event

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When you try to make something you alone, you feel it's so hard to finish project. So we meet and make at the same place. If you have any idea, just join and tell to member, make with them. 19:00, 7h, June.

你想做什么用Arduino, Raspberry pi. 快来报名吧。这是国际人参加的会同。你和我们一起做什么还有交流吧。都免费啦。

뭔가를 만들어보고 싶은데, 혼자하면 재미없고 지루하고 지쳐서 그만두신 적 있으신가요?

아두이노를 이용해서 자신만의 프로젝트를 하시고 싶은데, 모여서하면 흥분되고 즐거울 거라 생각하신다면 얼른 참가신청하세요. 모여서 각자 플레이하는 모임입니다.

얼른 참가하세요 :)

Now open Project

1. I'm a beginner.

so study with book and arduino board. When you have any question about
arduino, don't be hesitate to ask others. They give you good solution to solve

2. Arduino Balancing Robot
Develop your balancing robot using arduino.

3. Make Laser engrave machine
Using CNC module make personal Laser engrave machine

4. If you have any idea, release it to others and make your team at here.

This week I'll be back from Shenzhen at the morning Wed. And some unexpected event happen, like typhoon, I can't arrive in event time. When I get some changed schedule, I notice at here and facebook, songpamakers.