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What we're about

If you have an idea you need to bring to life.

If you are stuck with an issue at work or in your business

If you are bored with the same old same old in any situation

We will show you how to play it your way - Our methods can be used for better productivity, team collaboration, content creation, problem solving and personal development...

We know that many people feel stuck, like life has turned into one long to-do list and they don’t know how to bring the joy back. Which is why we set up 'The Playcation Experience'. The programs, events, courses and random silliness that we will be bringing into your world will help you get your sparkle on.

​Our quest is to reconnect you with your body, mind, inner muse and way to play. So you can find your flow and inspiration in your everyday life.

Based on the belief that everyday is made for play. We want to help you tackle, wrestle, spring out on, tickle, embrace and snog the heck out of life with increased energy and vitality. Do you find yourself wondering ‘What if’ you hadn’t let go of past dreams and hopes? When was the last time you doodled mindlessly, danced without a care, gazed at the clouds or laughed until your face hurt - and hten felt inspired and enlivened to take on anything life throws at you.

​Don’t settle for stuck.

Get curious.

Just press PLAY.

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Create a Game Plan for Success

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Create a Game Plan for Success

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