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Get the vibrant life, love & intimacy you desire! - http://www.playfulloving.com .

Calling all beautiful shiny human beings seeking to learn, discover, explore and connect in a compassionate conscious way of being.

Get COMFORTABLE with yourself through Tantra and Daoist practices, modern science and Adventurous Play. Participate in Self-Empowerment Workshops and Programs at your comfort level.

Take the bull by the horns and discover, explore and connect to your happiness, your pleasure and your vibrant intimacy. Be fierce, confident and compassionate with your self-love and watch the effects ripple into all areas of your life; self, relationships, work, money, health and meaningful purpose that brings you joy!

Create a more VIBRANT & HEALTHY Playful Loving life you desire

Get to know thyself; accept yourself, fall in love with yourself. Through conscious awareness and connection from within enabling you to connect with others. Engage through self-empowering, educational, and self-inquiry events/workshops, programs and socials that cultivate a more healthy, caring, kind and supportive playful loving society.

Playful Loving Philosophy: Mindfully aware and always within the boundaries of safety, consent and comfort levels with honour, trust and respect for yourself FIRST and then with others.

For all genders, orientations, inclinations, labeless and those who have yet to make up your minds. Welcome and be Celebrated!

The www.PlayfulLoving.com (http://www.playfulloving.com) realm of Tantra, Adventurous Play and Self-Empowerment.

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